Developing an Order Management System For Import & Export Business

Developing an Order Management System For Import & Export Business

the background

We collaborated with a company which was a huge name in the business of import/export of Ayurvedic products and was looking for a better order management mechanism. They were relying solely on excel sheets and were on the lookout for a more efficient way to organize, manage and keep track of their orders. They wanted to reduce the cumbersome elements of the export/import process by minimizing manual checks and multiple verifications.

services provided

  • Digital Strategy
  • Responsive Design
  • Visual Design

the challenge

The client was using MS Excel to create and maintain order details, which included multiple details as all orders were related to export orders. Export orders usually need multiple documents to be created and maintained. This process of creating export orders and the following protocol of following documents for the export order was very cumbersome and included lots of manual work and supervision and multiple checks.

The challenge for us was to create a unified dashboard wherein our client could create new orders and access all the information related to orders, invoices, and inventory.

the approach

Our team decided to create a platform that would work as an end-to-end export management solution wherein the client can track the export order right from their clients placing the order request to the delivery of the order. We used a tech stack comprising of tools such as:

  1. Backend: PHP for Back end development
  2. DBMS: PostgreSQL for DBMS
  3. Frontend: Angular for Front End Development

Our approach enabled us to create an application that allowed our client to take care of issues such as:

1) Order Management- Gives the Clients customer the ability to place orders online through the portal

2) Order Processing: Gives the Client the ability to review, manage, process, approve and execute the order from their client.

3) Tracking: Gives the Client the ability to track the status of the orders at every stage, beginning from dispatch to delivery.

4) Payment Tracking: Gives the client the ability to intimate the payment details to the client and as well keep track of the payments pending from the clients.
5) Documentation: Most Needed Documents needed for Customs Clearance are being created within the application reducing 80% of manual processing of documents needed for Customs Clearance.

6) Document Management: Gives the client storage of all documents executed and access to all documents previously executed and future orders as well.
7) Universal Access: All Customers of the Client can access their own portals from the client provided portal reducing the need for manual contact via email, fax calls etc.

our observations

We observed that after using the solution we designed for them, our client was much better able to manage certain tasks that would seem menial and take up too much time. It allowed them to get all their data in order and stay on top of all the activities between receiving an order and delivering an order.

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