Building A Marketing Automation Tool For A Client In The Retail Sector

Building A Marketing Automation Tool For A Client In The Retail Sector

the background

We worked on a project for a huge name in the retail sector that facing problems in organizing the data of its products and vendors in a way that it could be used for promotional events and understanding customer preferences across demographic segments

services provided

  • Digital Strategy
  • Responsive Design
  • Visual Design

the challenge

Our team identified the following tools to go about creating a solution for our client:

  1. HTML, CSS, Angular for Front End Development
  2. PHP Laravel for Back End Development
  3. PgSQL, MongoDB, Elastic Search for Database Management

The initial challenge we faced was the lack of any existing technology to manage the whole process. Our client used excel to manage their data. This made it difficult for them to create wireframe content, and share the data with print teams to publish flyers for promotional purposes.

the approach

Our team began working on a marketing automation tool that guides the business process of managing campaigns for hypermarkets across multiple regions, stores, product classifications and print versions of the wireframes. It generates a wireframe view of circulation copy which acts as a final proof document to production teams before printing and publishing.

This approach helped our client cut down the time to market by 400%. The tool made it very easy to use with features like Products Data Upload, Products Data Compare, Product Data Grouping, Product Assignment to a Space, Editing the Space and Visualizing versions by different store chains and markets.

our observations

The following were our two biggest observations from this project and the solution we delivered:

  1. Products data upload: First of its kind that pulls the data from the cloud, excel, CSS. The headers of the excel and the interface are compared to ensure specificity.
  1. Building Product Data compare and grouping: This feature had reduced multiple hrs of effort done by the business intelligence team using Excel. The tool that is built effectively compares and groups data, it makes it readily available for assignment and publishing.

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