Building a one-stop application for a major pharmaceutical company

Building a one-stop application for a major pharmaceutical company

the background

A multinational pharmaceutical company tasked with creating an all-in-one unified application that would bring Doctors, Patients, Pharmacies and Health Insurance providers to a single platform. They aimed to make it easy for patients to book consultations and appointments, access lab reports, order medicines, and procure all their insurance information from a single interface.

services provided

  • Digital Strategy
  • Responsive Design
  • Visual Design

the challenge

Before they gave us this mandate, they relied primarily upon a web application that wasn’t very responsive. They identified the need for an application that works on mobile phones and websites since almost everyone today uses apps on their smartphones for whatever they need.

the approach

Our team relied on a Progressive Web Apps Framework and React JS, a front-end JavaScript library, to set up and execute the application infrastructure.

For our team, the challenge was how to create an interface that performed seamlessly on a website as well as a mobile screen, and since the idea was to make it easiest for patients to easily access the full spectrum of healthcare services, we started building with our focus on two elements:

  1. How do we make it easier to procure information
  2. How do we make it easier to carry out transactions

For the first part, we identified the types of information that people would want to have access to on a portal such as this. A few examples of such information could be:

  1. Lab test reports
  2. Health Insurance details
  3. Profile of the doctors
  4. Appointment and Consultation timings

For the second part, we worked on integrating a payment gateway into the app so that people could order and pay online for medicines, consultations, reports etc.

our observations

Our biggest takeaway from this project was how we could create a product that already had many other pre-existing players in the active market. To differentiate what we were making, we doubled down on the design flow with an extensive focus on UX. Ensuring that the user had all the relevant functions right where they’d need them was the most significant task.

Simultaneously, we also had to create room for future scalability and customizability on the platform to ensure that the configuration could be applied to other clients in similar businesses.

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