Creating A Digital Signage Ordering Application For A Client In The Retail Space

Creating A Digital Signage Ordering Application For A Client In The Retail Space

the background

We were given the mandate to create an application for a big name in the retail industry that enables its store owners to order new, pre-defined digital signages or customize their own signages.

services provided

  • Digital Strategy
  • Responsive Design
  • Visual Design

the challenge

Since there was no pre-existing infrastructure to facilitate the ordering of signages, our team built a solution from the ground up. The tech stack we used comprised of:

  1. HTML, CSS, Angular for Front End Development
  2. PHP Laravel for Backend Development
  3. PgSQL, MongoDB for Database Management

the approach

Our team designed a SODA (Signage Ordering and  Design Application) that helped store vendors take care of challenges such as managing store and item variants and item availability, in addition to ordering digital signages.

The app allowed store owners to add a new store or edit details of an existing store. It also lets them add new items or manage their existing items. Store users could log in to SODA and place a request for items by searching in the items list, selecting an item and then defining the details of each item and adding it to the cart to then place the order. 

They could also view the status of all the orders placed for your store and download predefined signs. You can also make a new Sign request which is a special/customised request to order a Sign that is unavailable in the fulfilment centre.

our observations

Our biggest takeaway from this project was observing the change in the signage ordering mechanism from the vendors of our client. The relative ease that they had due to an app letting them take care of issues was a real value add and made their day-to-day operations smoother.

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