Creating a Multi-Focussed Operational Framework for an Electronic Safekeeping Device Manufacturer

Creating a Multi-Focussed Operational Framework for an Electronic Safekeeping Device Manufacturer

the background

We teamed up with a US-based, industry leader in the manufacturing of Electronic Safekeeping Devices that was facing issues on multiple fronts:

  1. They were facing procedural delays due to manual processes and a lack of manpower
  2. Issues with the order processing mechanism
  3. Lack of a consolidated customer issue redressal platform

The mandate we received from them required us to design separate solutions to help them overcome each of those issues.

services provided

  • Digital Strategy
  • Responsive Design
  • Visual Design

the challenge

When we took on this project, the client had an existing setup that was falling short of enabling them to tackle a few operational issues and serve their customers as best as they could. They were faced with problems like:

  1. Lack of an updated accounting and inventory management tool
  2. Excess reliance on administrators for resolution of customer grievances
  3. Absence of different payment structures to aid purchase decisions

The challenge for us was to create an infrastructure that would not only tackle these issues but also create a smooth operational flow to create operational synergy and help our client take better care of its customers.

the approach

We deployed a heavy tech stack to come up with solutions for our client comprised of tools such as:

  1. WordPress, an open-source Content Management System
  2. Laravel, an open-source PHP web framework
  3. Angular JS, an open-source JavaScript-based development framework
  4. Bootstrap, a mobile-first front-end development framework
  5. MySQL, a database management system 
  6. React Native, a UI software framework

Using this tech stack, we created a separate admin website that lets our client’s team onboard more individuals to better process orders and onboard locksmiths across the country to boost their customer issue redressal timelines. Our focus was on automating maximum elements in this admin website to reduce the layovers caused by manual processes.

We created an app that lets customers reset the lock combination of their safe at their will, hence eliminating their dependence on administrative help. Customers were able to directly contact locksmiths for any and all issues and seek a quick fix to a plethora of issues.

Additionally, we helped our client integrate a payment gateway in the purchase process that enabled customers to structure their payments into interest-free instalments. This was done with the sole purpose of simplifying the purchase process and boosting orders. 

our observations

Our biggest observation was the visible change in the flow of operations, both internally and externally. Automating certain elements provided our clients with the bandwidth to channel their focus on the customers and aid their purchase and product user experience.

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