Building an HRMS Portal for a client in the Customer Solutions Space

Building an HRMS Portal for a client in the Customer Solutions Space

the background

HRHNext, a client of ours in the Customers Solutions Space, needed an all-in-one HRMS Application for their employees. They aimed to enable all employees to access a unified dashboard that they could use for their day-to-day operations.

services provided

  • Digital Strategy
  • Responsive Design
  • Visual Design

the challenge

We identified a few issues during an early audit of their existing infrastructure: a lack of hierarchical clarity, an improper employee dashboard, and less focus on app design and layout.

Information such as employee details and performance details were maintained on excel sheets. Plus, there were no set ways to monitor performance and individual KPIs.

As a solution, we decided to build a whole new HRMS application for their employees, which could help them with issues such as

  • Measuring performance
  • Task Scheduling
  • Grievance redressal
  • Keeping track of leaves
  • Accessing payslips
  • Enabling internal communication
  • Enabling management to take informed appraisal decisions

the approach

We believed that to make the App appealing, we needed to make it visually attractive and interactive. Adding gamification and design elements, which were not a part of the existing infrastructure, seemed like the approach to adapt since that gave us the best chance to create an App that could zero in on the mandate that HRHNext asked us to deliver.

Along with the aesthetic appeal of the app, it was also important that it serve as a unified platform for employees and management to improve productivity and make informed decisions related to monthly targets and performance management.

our observations

Post the handover of the app to our client, we observed a much more structured way in which their employees managed their everyday affairs. It became easier for them to communicate internally, and there was a lot more transparency around every employee’s individual performance.

This led to the creation of a smooth workflow that also enabled management to streamline their internal hierarchy for the benefit of all employees.

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