Designing a Corporate Travel Booking tool and Helpdesk

Designing a Corporate Travel Booking tool and Helpdesk

the background

We partnered with a company in the travel booking and management space that enables corporates to book, customize and manage their travel programmes. They came to us with a mandate of revamping their website and mobile apps in a bid to retain more customers, reduce negative feedback and redesign their platform to match the industry standard.

services provided

  • Digital Strategy
  • Responsive Design
  • Visual Design

the challenge

When they came to us, their existing design was very basic and with not a lot of focus on key design elements. This resulted in less repetitive clients and a less than satisfactory user experience.

The challenge for us was to create a whole new portal that facilitated all travel needs, was easy to use and aesthetically well designed.

the approach

Our in-house team linked up with the product and engineering teams of our client and started working on creating an app to replace the existing setup. We deployed design tools such as Figma and Adobe XD to create a design that was intuitive and innovative.

With a specific focus on improving user experience, we added elements that made the app easy to use and streamlined the process at every step.

We designed a workflow that sat in perfect congruence with every step of the project. Setting up a Kanban board on Jira, tri-weekly mocks, and a constant to and fro with the client’s internal teams was instrumental in achieving a harmonious process flow synergy.

our observations

Our biggest takeaway from this project was how challenging it could be to design a travel app that fits the need of different traveler profiles based on the frequency of their travel.

Each feature in the app had to be designed with a different approach, and each approach had to be reconciled with the key elements that we were trying to offer, such as mobile booking, cab searches, etc..

Accessibility was a big focal area for our client, which required us to comply with statutory guidelines in the development process. That took a lot of research and focus for each specific screen on the app.

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